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News from TRIZ-fest in Moscow

News from TRIZ-fest in Moscow

| On 03, Aug 2007

Ellen Domb

Mark Barkan, President of Matriz and a freqent author for The TRIZ Journal, has just sent a report on the “TRIZ-fest” hosted by MATRIZ in Moscow.   The event combined a business meeting, a technical conference, and graduate school, with election of officers, presentation of papers, and defense of thesis papers, July 7-11, 2007.

The new presidium of Matriz is M. Barkan, G. Cascini, S. Ikovenko, A. Guin, A. Kislov, A. Kudryavtsev, S. Litvin, A. Roggel and V. Timokhov.  This continues the international theme at Matriz, with board members from the US and Italy, as well as Russia and other former Soviet republics.  

The TRIZ Masters Forum was moderated by M. Rubin and S. Litvin, and a new master’s ranking was awarded to A. Pynyaev of the Procter & Gamble company (and also a TRIZ Journal author!) 

There were 12 papers in the TRIZ Masters Forum and 60 in the conference.   The press covered the event–4 TV stations and 7 magazines had reporters at the TRIZfest.   Pictures with Russian text are available at

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