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Newbie: What Are the Best Books to Learn TRIZ?

Newbie: What Are the Best Books to Learn TRIZ?

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1967
Posted by: del
Posted on: Sunday, 16th January 2011

Can anybody tell me? I have And suddenly the inventor appeared but this is just the into.

What are the best books to get to the real stuff.

I'm a non engineer but love this way of creative thinking…

Message: 1968
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Monday, 17th January 2011

Forum rules say we can't promote products, so, ….  For a pretty good sample of books available in English, see the Altshuller Institute,, (click on “general store”)  and see The TRIZ Journal archive for articles written by the authors of those books, to get an idea of style.   For free books, The TRIZ Journal had 2 textbooks serialized, look for Kraev's corner and Larry Ball's “Hierarchical TRIZ.”

Message: 1969
Posted by: Katie Barry
Posted on: Monday, 17th January 2011

Take a look at this article, Build a Library of Innovation Books, available at this link:

Katie Barry

Editor, Real Innovation

Message: 1972
Posted by: Jack Hipple
Posted on: Tuesday, 18th January 2011

In my TRIZ training, I use “Hands On Systematic Innovation” by Darrell Mann. I like it because it is organized chapter by tool. Not in the order I'd like necessarily….Though everyone does not agree, I like “And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared” because it gets inside the head of the guy who first understood that invention was a science and not psychology. As Ellen and Katy have mentioned, there are many books, all of which have pros and cons. It's such a rich science that there's no one or right way to present. Some of the small paperbacks which focus on the 40 principles like “Matrix 2010” are also very good for focused problem solving. They also have the latest version of the contradiction table.