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National Innovation Initiative (nii)

National Innovation Initiative (nii)

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 61
Posted by: Innovation Colorado
Posted on: Thursday, 7th December 2006

Fellow RealInnovation Posters, Hello!

Have any of you been involved with and / or aware of the work of the “National Innovation Initiative” (NII), led by the Council on Competitiveness:

Best regards,  Innovation Colorado

Message: 65
Posted by: TJ
Posted on: Friday, 8th December 2006

No, thanks for posting. I'll go and check it out now. It sounds pretty intersting!…

Message: 70
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Tuesday, 12th December 2006

The first report from the NII was about a year ago, and there was a lot of discussion in the innovation blogs, etc. But, there was a lot of cynicism, too–OK, so a bunch of CEO's say that innovation is important, but what's going to change? And why will it change? And if a CEO or a board didn't know that innovation was important, would this report change his/her mind? I think the most useful part was the call for changes in the education system, but there was no initiative to provide funding for the changes. Sorry to be so negative–will read the new one and see if anything substantial has changed.

Message: 74
Posted by: Gina
Posted on: Wednesday, 13th December 2006

Do the NII have anything to do with Innovate America? I'm still not seeing any real purpose for these groups. Just more talk. Little action.