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Multi-Parameter Contradiction Problem Solving Paradigm

Multi-Parameter Contradiction Problem Solving Paradigm

| On 26, Apr 2018

Rajeev Mohan Bhatnagar


A Novel Multi-Parameter Contradiction Problem Solving Paradigm Using Least Common Multiple Algorithm (LCM) for TRIZ Contradiction Matrix

A novel least common multiple algorithm for resolving technical contradictions using TRIZ matrix is presented for resolving the multi-parameter contradiction versus parameter relationship by a divide and conquer approach; thus generating new design concepts. The LCM algorithm inverts the problem specific TRIZ contradiction matrix into inventive solution versus parameter versus contradiction form, and splits it into two sets such as least common multiple contradiction set and highest common multiple contradiction. This algorithm leads to problem oriented prioritisation by using inventive principles given by TRIZ contradiction matrix in conjunction with TRIZ standard solution and Su-field analysis.

The three case studies in respect of the development of LCM algorithm, high performance diesel engine and super high pressure vessel successfully confirm the finding that LCM gives a set of inventive principles for basic design concept, its refinement and future development. The first case study validates the algorithm and establishes positive definiteness through the property of recursive evolution. The algorithm holds strong promise for pursuing future research for addressing the key challenges of TRIZ for transforming inventive principles into physical form.



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