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| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 6
Posted by: GWJ
Posted on: Monday, 6th November 2006

how come ive never heard about these methods before? how come people arent talking about this stuff at my company?

Message: 14
Posted by: Michael S. Slocum
Posted on: Wednesday, 15th November 2006

The most recent managment focuses have been on productivity and quality. The search for excellence in these areas has overshadowed the need to systematize innovation. With the successful reduction to practice of Lean and Six Sigma it is becoming obvious that reducing the bottom line is a finite activity. If an organization wants to grow it must focus on the creation of new ideas and concepts. These come from the application of systematic innovation. Ideation is a potentially infinite cycle, and coupled with Lean Six Sigma, provides the competencies necessary for an organization to succeed indefinitely.

I believe that you will start to hear more and more about structured ideation and problem solving as your company moves from full-time preservation to the evolutionary space. AndÊyou will therefore see more interest.

Michael S. Slocum