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MATRIZ Information letter #10/2004

MATRIZ Information letter #10/2004

| On 22, Sep 2004

Dear colleagues!

1. On the 14th of May, 2004, the 13th correspondence session of MA TRIZ Presidium took place. Current business of MA TRIZ was discussed: work of the publishing committee, trade mark, cooperation with Altshuller’s Institution when carrying out TRIZ attestation in the USA, holding seminars on behalf of MA TRIZ. Presidium expressed its thanks to Yakovenko S. for carrying out international seminar in Saint-Petersburg; it was decided to hold such seminars on a regular basis. We have already got some applications for participation in new international seminars of MA TRIZ. Altshuller H.S. has laid tradition of holding MA TRIZ seminars; the first ones took place in 1992.

2. June 18, 2004, the 14th correspondence session of MA TRIZ Presidium took place. It was decided to hold the 9th regular meeting of MA TRIZ in July, 2005. It was suggested working out amendments to MA TRIZ Charter in order to consider them at the meeting in 2005. The decision was reached to prepare two separate regulations (about attestation and certification) instead of single Provisions of the multi-step attestation of users and certification of specialists of the International TRIZ Association. It was decided to work out “Reference on the foundation and development of TRIZ movement” and other materials devoted to the development of TRIZ movement. During the session planning of MA TRIZ work for the next year was started. The plan will undergo approval procedure at the next session of Presidium which will take place on the 23rd of July, 2004.

3. In MA TRIZ information letter #7 (04.07.2004) the 5th international contest of creative tasks solving for schoolchildren and students “TRIZ-2004” was announced. We have already got contest works from Krasnoyarsk and Saint-Petersburg. Some other TRIZ schools (for example the one of Israel) also prepare contest works. Contest works will be accepted till the 1st of September, 2004.

We continue preparing next contest “TRIZ-2005”. Its topic is “House”. We welcome your suggestions on tasks for this contest. The tasks may concern not only apartments, house and its surroundings but also everything what is inside the flat: furniture, domestic supplies, rooms’ arrangement, cleaning the flat, etc. We face these tasks every day but often do not pay attention to them. Not only schoolchildren may offer some tasks but big companies as well (for example those ones which produce domestic supplies).

4. MA TRIZ disposes several copies of the book by Tolmachev ? .? . “Diagnosis: TRIZ”. You can get more information about the book here:

5. MA TRIZ bulletin is being issued. It is placed in the Internet in English and Russian. Proofreader of the English version is Mark Barkan (USA). The 7th regular number was distributed on the 7th of July, 2004. Please send news and other information for MA TRIZ Bulletin to the vicepresident of MA TRIZ Viktor I. Timokhov, his e-mail address:

6. MA TRIZ has got a proposal to take part in a social forum – public contest of project initiatives in the sphere of social policy. “United Russia ” party supports the forum. There are different nominations including education and staff policy (development of education content, talented children teaching, additional education, etc). As for interregional projects the sum of grant may be up to 500 thousand rubles; for regional projects (which embrace only one political unit of Russia) – up to 250 thousand rubles. MA TRIZ has already got some applications for this contest, for example from NOOOTRIZ (Veliky Novgorod). Deadline for sending a project is August 31, 2004. You can get more detailed information at the site: We ask all the interested parties to send us letters of application for participation in project preparation.

President of the International TRIZ Association
Rubin M.S.