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Letter from the International TRIZ Association

Letter from the International TRIZ Association

| On 27, Dec 2003

By: M. Rubin

October 15, 2003
Information letter ? 27/2003.
Dear colleagues!

Today on the 15th of October, 2003, G.S. Altshuller would be 77. Since 1998, on the International TRIZ Association initiative this day is being celebrated as the International Day of TRIZ. Today we have already got greetings from our colleagues from Moscow, Zhukovsky, France, Korea, Byelorussia, Krasnoyarsk and many other cities. In the newspaper of Chuvashia State University “Uljanovets” (Cheboksari city) an article about the TRIZ Day was published. In Petrozavodsk, Norilsk and other cities information about this Day has appeared as well. On the 15th of October, 2003, an Internet site of the Official G.S. Altshuller’s Fund was opened IA TRIZ has set up the memorial board of G.S. Altshuller in Petrozavodsk.
G.S. Altshuller was one of the founders and the first President of the International TRIZ Association. Now 30 organizations of 10 countries as well as thousands of TRIZ specialists belong to it. Since 1990 till 1998 G.S. Altshuller has been living and working in Petrozavodsk. The city administration has supported our decision to set up the memorial board (the sculptor is S. Cherepanov) on the house in which our Teacher has been living and working. This became possible due to the help of G.S. Altshuller’s progenies: Beliltsev V.K., Gaphitulin M.S., Kaner V.F., Kislov A.V., ? ? «TRIZ-MNOCIT» – Moscow, Rubin M.S., Selutsky A.B., Shusterman M.N. (Russia); Israelis TRIZ Association; Litvin S.S. (USA); Lutchin M. (Estonia); Meerovitch M.I., Narbut A.F., Narbut N.N. (Ukraine); Seredinsky A.V. (France); Guin A.A., Timokhov V.I. (Byelorussia); international project «Jonathan Livingstone».
An official opening of the memorial board took place of the 15th of October at 3 p.m. G.S.
Altshuller’s progenies from Petrozavodsk, as well as the representatives of Henry Saulovitch’s family, representatives of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia, ministries, departments and Karelian enterprises participated in the event. We will never forget G.S. Altshuller.
We congratulate all our colleagues on the International Day of TRIZ and wish you fine solutions of creative tasks and a great success.

President of the International TRIZ Association
M. Rubin