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| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1147
Posted by: sullivantry
Posted on: Thursday, 8th November 2007

An awesome book on leadership.
“The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamÓ by Patrick Lencioni. This book is a great book to really get your team engaged in the team concept, and it is a quick and easy read as it is in a parable format.

Message: 1148
Posted by: QualityColorado
Posted on: Friday, 9th November 2007

Sullivantry, Good afternoon!

Thank you for your recommendation. I have not read “Five Dysfunctions of a TeamÓ but I have browsed some summaries and reviews of it.  While it appears that it discusses various team-related issues (conflict, accountability, etc), it seems to be pretty distant from the topics of creativity and innovation.

Is there something(s) in the book specifically about creativity and innovation?


Best regards,


Message: 1150
Posted by: Kelly
Posted on: Monday, 12th November 2007

Speaking of leadership and innovation, I just read Bill Clinton's new book Giving. (I know, I know, but keep reading.)  The book is all about all these innovative ways of giving.  It's very inspiring and a nice look at how being innovative can happen outside the world of technology.

In some ways it's the opposite of this Web site.  It talks about how one person with one idea comes to a certain decision.  But it also talks about working inside/outside your communities–open innovation, essentially–to make larger–breakthrough–changes.

Anyone else see some parallels?