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Is There a Specific Procedure to Use TRIZ Tools?

Is There a Specific Procedure to Use TRIZ Tools?

| On 01, Jan 2010

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Posted by: Shuo-Kai Tsai
Posted on: Thursday, 24th May 2007

Hello every experts in using the TRIZ,

Firstly, I have to say that I am the TRIZ believer and I am learning to use TRIZ in my some design projects.

However, I am often confused with the procedure which is able to integrate TRIZ toolset into a normal design process. So far I have not really found any specific way to perform each TRIZ tool at each design process, so I am wondering that whether there is a specific procedure which I am able to follow, slect and use each suitable tool in my design in order to solve my design problems effectively, or not?


Shuo-Kai Tsai

Message: 585
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Saturday, 26th May 2007

You are right–there is no specific exact process for using TRIZ in design. You need to learn how to apply TRIZ to a variety of problems, and how to analyze your problem to understand what kind of problem you have, in order to know which tools will help. In different stages of design you will have contradictions, decisions about technical evolution, and “how to” problems.

The TRIZ Journal has had 2 textbooks published one chapter at a time, that will help you with this:

Kraev's Korner by Val Kraev (currently being published in The TRIZ Journal, and you can get the previous months' publications from the archive page)

Hierarchical Algorithm of TRIZ by Larry Ball (started in May 2005 and continued for a year)

or of course there are books you can buy. The books by Victor Fey and by Darrell Mann are a little bit more advanced, but they are both people with strong background in design, so their books might be relevant for you.