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How to Invent Strong – A Framework

How to Invent Strong – A Framework

| On 13, Feb 2018

Navneet Bhushan

Abstract: One of the most important outputs of human mind has been continuous stream of inventions over many eras of civilization. However, human mind has been inventing using what is called “trial and error” methods on its evolutionary journey. As our world becomes more complex, inventing through trial and error is unsustainable. Theory of Inventive problem solving (TRIZ in Russian acronym) has been developed through analysis of patents describing the logic of inventions. It categorized the inventions into five increasing levels of inventiveness based on sources of solutions and the quantum of change they created compared to existing systems.  In this paper, we describe set of tools for thinking to invent strong, i.e., to invent at level 3 and above of TRIZ five levels. Thinking about new operating principles to deliver the functions, making the existing systems closer to an ideal system and resolving deeply embedded conflict in the system called physical contradiction are the key elements from TRIZ that we have included in the framework for invent strong. Three real case studies- for cracking of hydrocarbons, improving the digestive abilities of the cattle and choosing the stronger paths using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to invent – are described to give a flavor of how the invent strong framework can be applied. We propose using TRIZ for inventing strong is essential need of the world as it becomes more complex and requires stronger innovative solutions quickly. The human mind has to quickly learn to adapt to inventing strong. The how to invent strong framework described in this paper with its associated tools has proven to be an effective method to generate novel solutions and can be utilized for application in multiple fields.

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