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Introducing Contradictions in Businesses - Is That a Conscious Strategy?

Introducing Contradictions in Businesses – Is That a Conscious Strategy?

| On 24, Sep 2009

Prakasan Kappoth

A car that is capable of reaching half the speed of a jet cruising at 30K ft… So, we have the world’s first fastest production car, Aero costing over half a million dollar available in the Indian market. (My average speed of driving here is 14 kmh and on highway at 55kmph). This recent news here in India tempted me to check out some of the fatest car available and found not just this one, but this entire list.

What is intriguing me is the thinking behind a company manufacturing and the customers buying the fastest car; why would someone buy a car with a speed which normally can be driven only at the Nevada desert or in the Wind tunnel for a “function” (Speed @ 254 mph) they can’t normally achieve on the public road other than the initial 0-60 seconds?

I can’t force myself to think that any auto company for that matter could have ignored the fact about the road condition, speed limit (legal requirements anywhere in the world, except probably on the Autobahn in Europe), before commercializing. I agree that several of them are iconic brands, and are made to order, and there are customers ready to wait for 6 months after writing a check of this amount.

My question here is, are companies consciously introducing contradictions for some benefit? If yes, what are the benefits? How do company sustain by introducing a contradiction, not the solution?

To make my point little clear, here is a possible contradiction in this particular situation.

– A car that can run at 254mph Vs Road condition to accommodate that speed, legal requirements for driving at this speed

My interpretation on TRIZ terms

– Speed Vs Ease of operations/object affected harmful

What are your thoughts?