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International TRIZ Association - October 5, 2003 - Information Letter No. 25/2003

International TRIZ Association – October 5, 2003 – Information Letter No. 25/2003

| On 17, Nov 2003

By: M.S. Rubin
October 5, 2003.
Information Letter ? 25/2003

1. As usual on the 15th of October, on Altshuller’s birthday, we will celebrate an International Day of TRIZ. In lots of cities different conferences, announcements in press and other events are being prepared on this day now.

In Petrozavodsk, October 15, an official opening of the memorial board of the TRIZ author, fantast Altshuller G.S., will take place.

In Latvia on the Day of TRIZ an opening of the TRIZ section in the Latvian Academy Library is scheduled. We congratulate our colleagues from Riga. Address of the Library: Latvian Academy
Library, str. Rupnietsibas, 10, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia. To Venta Kotsera, director. (Latvijas Akademiska biblioteka, Rupniecibas iela, 10, Riga, LV-1010, Latvija. Direktorei Ventai Kocerei).
Information, that we will receive, about conducting the International Day of TRIZ in different cities will be send to all the International TRIZ Association members, placed at our site and published in the International TRIZ Association bulletin.

2. In the European TRIZ Association a new president – Denis Kavallucci (France, Strasburg, TRIZ certificated specialist) was elected. We congratulate our colleague on the appointment and hope for an active cooperation.

3. Some new appointments were made in the International TRIZ Association. Sergei Ikovenko (, member of the International TRIZ Association Presidium, was appointed vice-president of the international development. The membership of the International TRIZ Association Expert Board was enlarged. Besides Guin A. (Board’s chairman), Murashkovsky U. and Timokhov V., a TRIZ master, Lyubomirsky A. ( became member of the Board.

4. Vice-president of the International TRIZ Association, Timokhov V., organized the work on preparation and publishing the International TRIZ Association bulletin. The first issue was circulated in September. This new source of information can give more detailed data on the TRIZmovement questions.

5. On the 12th of August, 2003, an article about the results of the International TRIZ Association conference, which was held in Petrozavodsk, were published in the “Moscow Times” newspaper. The author of the article is Robin Munro. You can familiarize yourself with text of the article in English here:

6. Overview (July – September 2003)
Summer is usually a slow time in Europe and in the USA, however there were some interesting TRIZ developments in different parts of the world. This time it was Australia – the land of cuddly koalas, ocean breeze and sunny skies! Until now there was not much information about TRIZ status in Australia. This continent has not discovered TRIZ big time. However there was and it some TRIZ activity there. A small company TRIZ4U headed by Iouri Belski (Melbourne) runs TRIZ seminars from time to time, but the focus of their activities was Malaysia and Singapore, not Australia itself.

But things are start changing. A consulting company “eTG – Knowledge Solutions” with very extensive high-level connections with major Australian industrial corporations, government and research institutions is taking the leadership in TRIZ deployment. In September there was a number of successful presentations, introductory seminars and workshops at several leading Australian companies, that outlined perspectives for deeper TRIZ deployment there. eTG’s management and engineering staff are really committed to TRIZ cause and may be a nucleus of TRIZ activities in Australia.

¡ Hasta luego en TRIZ, amigos!
España..Hot sun, flamenco, Garcia Lorca, Alhambra…There is a lot of passion here and there is passion for TRIZ too.

Though low key, TRIZ is spreading in Spain. There are some groups/individuals that offer TRIZ training, lectures, provides TRIZ consulting. The leading one is TRIZ XX1 with the headquarters in Valencia. It has people who are pretty knowledgeable and experienced in TRIZ. For example, Mr. Jose Vicente Gomila, one of the key people of TRIZXX1, has completed 194 hr TRIZ program (approved by G. Altshuller and published in the materials of the 3rd TRIZ Convention in Petrozavodsk). An experienced TRIZ practitioner and Innovation Master, Jose runs TRIZ seminars and offers TRIZ consulting services.
More and more companies get exposed to TRIZ and find it highly effective and beneficial. Here is only a small part of them: Grupo Uralita, Plasticos Mondragon, Robert Bosch España, CETENASA (electronics and materials), Inasmet (Materials); Instituto Tecnología Cerámica (Ceramic materials and machines) and many others.

Some educational institutions in Spain have courses on TRIZ or at least courses on engineering methods that have a TRIZ component. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Fundacion Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona, Mondragon Eskola Politeknikoa, Universitat Jaume I are some one of them. Jose Vicente Gomila

Is a contradictory name good?
Should we resolve contradictions right away or should they live for a while? Well…the experience shows that if they are in the name of a company, let them be. A contradiction in a company’s name is an eye-catcher, a hook…It makes people think – Pragmatic Vision, Invention

Machine…What is next?
The Netherlands is a small country, but its economy is comparable to the one of Brazil and more! No wonder that TRIZ is at home here. Lots of TRIZ activities, participation in ETRIA, a number of TRIZ-providing companies (InBITween, Insytec, etc.), software development, TRIZbased courses at the universities..

Leading Dutch companies started institutionalizing TRIZ, for example, DSM – Dutch State Mines – a chemical giant that recently has got the right to be called Royal on its 100th anniversary (another contradiction in the name: Royal-State!!!). DSM has its own group of highly experienced well-trained internal TRIZ consultants that used to call themselves TRIZpertise Group (TRIZ + expertise) – Wim Elshout, Patrick Hendriks and others.. Now the group got the status of the DSM department – DSM

Innovation Support Center!
Closely affiliated with DSM there is a new interesting TRIZ company that has recently appeared in the Netherlands. Contradictory names, remember? Here it is – Original Copy! Isn’t it a TRIZ approach – an original solution using a generic standard model?
Though the company is relatively new, people there are very TRIZ-savvy, with solid TRIZ
education and experience in engineering consulting. Original Copy is definitely contributing to
TRIZ landscape of the Netherlands and Europe.
Prepared by Sergei Ikovenko

7. International TRIZ Association information letters #22/2003 and 24/2003 were not translated into English. In the letter #22 (September 13, 2003) there was an announcement of the International conference “Participation of young scientists, engineers and teachers in development and realization of innovation technologies”. It will take place from 24 till 28 of November, 2003, in Moscow, GOU MGIU.
In the letter #24 (September 15, 2003) there was a report about the 4th International TRIZ Association competition for schoolchildren and students. Sponsor of the competition is Invention Machine Corporation.
President of MA TRIZ
M.S. Rubin