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Input-Output Trimming Operator (I-O-T)

Input-Output Trimming Operator (I-O-T)

| On 06, Jan 1998

Gregory Frenklach

The Input-Output Trimming Operator is one of the best instruments for stating the correct problem, when we need to develop new concepts for existing machines, devices or their components.

We can consider every machine as a chain of energy transformations from the Input to Output ( According to TRIZ language we use the word “field” instead of “energy”).

For example:

Let’s take the usual mixer. We have here the next field transformation chain:

Electrical field (Input) –> Electro-Magnetic field –>Mechanical field of the motor rotation–>Mechanical field of the tool rotation–> Mechanical field of the mixture motion (Output).

According to I-O-T Operator we have to trim the chain and state the problem of the right transformation of Input into Output without intermediate links.

For example:

We want to transform the electrical energy (field) into components of mixture motion without intermediate links.

Of course, we can trim only part of our chain instead of whole one. Then we have to state the trimming problem for the Input and Output of this part instead of the whole chain.

The next step is to find physical effect(s) that will solve the problem of transforming this Input to this Output directly, and build new concept(s) to implement this transformation.

For example for our mixer:

  • The mixer could be built on the piezo-electric effect, or
  • If we trim only part of the chain, we can use the electromagnetic vibrators
  • The fantastic solution is to use electrical discharges in liquids, for example,
    electro-hydraulic hit. But it isn’t so fantastic, in my opinion.

So try it! Good Luck.


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