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Innovation Leadership

Awards for Innovation
Throughout the year numerous organizations, governments and other business communities award innovators and innovations. The awards are primarily concerned with the end result – the innovation itself. What’s missing? How did the innovation develop?

Break the Rules to Produce Radical Innovations
Every business operates in an environment of written and unwritten rules. Many of these boundaries and are accepted without question. Often it is the newcomer to an industry who can ask the question, “What will happen if we break the rules?”

Create a Culture of Experimentation: Successfully Fail
Very often the best way to test an idea is not to analyze it but to try it. The organization that implements lots of ideas will most likely have many failures but the chances are, it will reap some mighty successes too.

Dispelling Myths About Leadership for Change
Successfully implementing any process, innovation included, requires leading and managing change effectively. Leading change, especially in successful businesses, is about aligning energy through a compelling vision of the future.

Effectiveness of Innovation Leadership Styles: A Manager’s Influence on Ecological Innovation in Construction Projects
An innovative leader comes in more than one shape and size. Leadership styles in this article is broken into four categories and then looked at in terms of how those styles effect innovation.

Expanding the Innovation Horizon: Global CEO Study 2006
CEOs across the globe predict major changes in the way businesses run, compete, partner and innovation in the next few years alone.

Innovation from Lean Six Sigma – Soft Skills
Even with the success of other sectors in applying Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools for continuous improvement, there remains a strong perception that it is limited to improving the productivity of operational units within an organization.

Lead Your Employees to be Creative and Innovative
Middle managers may block new proposals, but the real problem lies with the leaders. It is easy for company leaders to make visionary statements that include all the right words about the importance of innovation, change, enterprise and risk.

Leadership and Lean Six Sigma Opens Door to Innovation
Extraordinary leaders constructively challenge the standard approaches and find improved processes to get work done.

Ten Tips for the Innovative Leader
Leaders have successfully developed a culture and processes for efficiency, execution, quality, direction and achieving quarterly goals. They can then add the unorthodox thinking and experimentation that will lead to high value innovation.

The Quest for Innovation: A Global Study of Innovation Management 2006-2016
The American Management Assocation’s survey on innovation leadership surveyed innovation-leading companies, leaders and employees to study the face of innovation leadership today and ten years from now. The need for a greater understanding of innovation methods and tools is made clear by this report’s analysis.

Top-Down Innovation: Leaders Define Innovative Culture
There is no innovation without leadership. Top management’s role in innovation is a matter of attitude and of expectation; a matter of strategy as it is of policy; and a matter of enabling innovation while eliminating the obstacles that impede it.

What Does it Take to Become an Innovative Leader?
CIOs can take on the position of innovative leader by turning challenges into opportunities to create multi-functional team successes.

Who Should Lead a Company’s Innovation Process?
Who should be the innovation champion in a company? How can senior managers use their roles to facilitate innovation in their businesses?

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