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Sustainable Innovation

Begin a Systematic Innovation Practice – Step Five
Any company should begin its innovation journey with the end in mind; in this case, an effort to sustain innovation must be carefully planned and practiced to perpetuate the culture of accelerated introduction of new products or solutions.

Innovation Evaluation Framework: The Seven Cs Together
Innovation is a key corporate initiative in most firms, yet is often unsuccessful. While it is relatively easy to generate ideas, most companies lack processes to evaluate ideas and move them on to new product or service development.

Make Better Design Decisions With VOC
Companies that have advanced their voice of the customer (VOC) methods to the next level have a lot of cycles with customers throughout design phases, incorporating detailed customer preference information in analysis of trade-off decisions.

Sustainable Innovation
Keeping the cycle of investment into R&D keeps innovation at sustainable levels.

Sustainable Innovation as a Corporate Strategy
This article explores what makes up a company following a sustainable innovation strategy.

Sustainable Innovation: Drivers and Barriers
Is the future of a business dependent upon its ability to develop sustainable innovation strategies? It’s new territory for many, but completely attainable.

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