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Incremental Innovation

Building an Innovative Practice from the Outside-In
Formerly secure enclaves of R&D are being cracked open by a new awareness that staying within the walls of our own thinking may not bring the needed depth and variety of inputs.

Complex Incremental Product Innovation in Established Service Firms: A Micro Institutional Perspective
Although incremental innovation is manageable, the financial industry has run into industry-specific problems. This research paper looks at specific financial business processes and how they can be incorporated into a successful incremental innovation strategy.

Customers and Society Drive Innovation
The cause-and-effect series of events that form the innovation process is initiated by one of various viewpoints, including the Voice of the Customer and Societal Needs – each can produce insight into a product’s needed benefits and features.

Embracing Change: Case Studies on How Australian Firms Use Incremental Innovation to Support Growth
The Australian Government’s study on incremental innovation analyzed thirty companies in its look at the relationship between innovation and growth.

Systematic Innovation’s Successes in Healthcare
Systematic innovation is being applied to many industries with great results. Two healthcare case studies address the wide fields of applicability for strategic and systematic innovation

Teamwork and Creativity Help to Identify Root Causes
Creativity and team management tools, more often employed for solution finding than for root cause finding, can generate understanding of the process mechanics and help a team prepare for a distilling of the “essential few” root causes of a problem.

The Global Union Research Network: A Potential for Incremental Innovation?
An analysis the potential for success with incremental innovation within trade unions.

The Value of Peer-to-Peer Innovation
Peer-to-peer relationships sometimes lead to brand new products and product concepts; they also accelerate or improve the products and services that ultimately go to market and can be helpful tools for building a brand.

The Wheel of Innovation Fortune
Companies that are serial innovators have the strategy, structure, skills and processes to support innovation. Some may think they have secrets to their success, but more than anything they have a roadmap that they follow and stick to.

Winning Through Incremental Innovation
Gillette’s reputation for breakthrough innovations does not mean the company leaves the incremental innovation opportunities behind.

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