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Develop Process-Based Measures of Innovation
In order to establish a set of working measures of innovation, one must identify common characteristics of the innovation process, their inter-relationships and well-defined deliverables.

Effects on Continuous Innovation Efforts in Firms
Stress inhibits creative thinking in firms. As firms become part of the knowledge economy, lower creative thinking can make the firm competitively irrelevant. Managers must understand the link between creative thinking and stress.

Evaluation Innovation Framework: Use Coolness
Usually the intent of an innovator is to create something that is valuable, but not necessarily hip or cool. The reaction of the target market, however, can drive up a cool quotient on a new product or service.

Five Mistakes Companies Make When Measuring Innovation
This article summarizes learning from assessment work by The Innovation Practice.

Innovation Asset Management: Don’t Bottle Up Innovation
Innovation asset management stems from four key assets according to this article in ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ – people, processes, places and patents. These four “P”s form the basis for planning and measuring a company’s innovation efforts.

Innovation Evaluation Framework: Use Choice and Control
Innovations that offer more choice and control create an atmosphere of trust and lead to the adoption of new solutions. Increased choice and control offer immediate, tangible benefits to a consumer.

Innovation Evaluation Framework: Use Consumer’s Cost
Many firms do evaluate the cost of the innovation – the internal cost to develop and distribute – but not the true cost to the customer to acquire and use.

Innovation Metrics
Several years have passed since this interview took place, but the identification and tracking of innovation metrics has changed little. A consistent word of caution: money-based metrics have the potential to cause problems in continuing with innovation strategy.

Metrics Madness
This “Business Week” article looks at some common means of innovation along with why your company needs to be cautious of those metrics.

The Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities Oslo Manual
The third edition of the Oslo Manual continues its analysis for how innovation can be effectively and convincingly measured.

Tips for Avoiding Common Metrics Challenges
Missing the right metrics poses a great risk to business decision-making processes. Decisions made in the absence of data or with the wrong data can result in cost overruns, schedule slippages, quality issues, dissatisfied customers and canceled projects.

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