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Solve Challenges with Innovation Software Products

By Courtney Shannon Strand

In order to innovate with efficiency on budget without compromising quality, or the needs of customers and employees, organizations need an innovative software product to help them through start to finish. Since every company is different there are diverse software solutions on the market that can help with innovative business needs. The following links will help narrow down the search for the right solution.

Accept Software
Accept Software offers several software solutions to help companies innovate.

AnswerOil is a product discovery technology.

Brightidea provides end-to-end innovation management solutions.

CREAX Software
The CREAX innovation suite includes a step-by-step approach through the innovation process.

DataStation offers an innovation platform from idea to launch.

Idea Management Software(Qmarkets)
Idea Management Software helps organizations involve their employees and customers in decision making processes.

IdeaScale helps with collecting ideas from customers.

Imaginatik helps solve business problems such as generating more return on investment, using enterprise crowdsourcing techniques with an innovation and idea management infrastructure.

Invention Machine
Invention Machine’s “Goldfire” automates innovation tasks to help drive sustainable innovation.

Jama Software
Jama is a requirements management software.

Jive Software
Jive can assist accelerating time to revenue, building an innovative culture, aligning with customers and giving ideas a boost.

Menlo Innovations
Menlo designs innovative software products and services.

MindMatters Technologies, Inc.
MindMatters captures product, market and customer knowledge around an IP portfolio through software choices.

OVO Innovation (Innovate on Purpose)
Innovate on Purpose (OVO) has software applications that can help reduce innovation cycle time, reduce rework and improve return on innovation.

PTC delivers product life cycle management software solutions to aid product innovation.

Sopheon provides software and services for product life cycle management.

Spigit’s innovation management software helps identify and implement next generation products, improves process efficiencies and more.

ThoughtOffice Innovation Solutions
ThoughtOffice is an interactive software which allows users to enter a word or phrase and explore more than nine million results that can help solve a problem or creative challenge.

Have a favorite innovation software product that should be added to this list? Submit a link for publication here.

About the Author:

Courtney Shannon Strand is a freelance editor and writer for CTQ Media. Contact Courtney Shannon Strand at copystrands (at)