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Software, Innovation and Creativity

Brightidea Inc.
Idea management software providing idea collection, evaluation, collaborative development, workflow, automation and much more.

SaaS for innovation management.

Ingenuity Bank
Third generation idea management software. Includes creativity e-tools, video brainstorming and IdeaTexting.

Social network for innovators.

Enterprise innovation management software for innovation from beginning to end.

Idea management and collaboration tool for groups.

Software to generate, evaluate and manage ideas.

Software platforms for managing systematic innovation.

Solve Challenges with Innovation Software Products
In order to innovate with efficiency on budget without compromising quality or the needs of customers and employees organizations need an innovative software product to help them through start to finish.

Southbeach Modeller
Software for modeling innovation, improvement, collaboration, problem solving and communication.

Software add-in to MindManager and Visual Mind to get new ideas and do idea evaluation.

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