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Innovation General

Design Structure Matrix
A system analysis and a project management tool.

Eco Innovation
An international, not-for-profit organisation devoted to understanding eco-innovation processes and supporting eco-innovators in their development.

Free Patent Auction
Website for buying and selling patented inventions.

IBM Examines How Inventors Invent
IBM’s inaugural Innovation Days began with learning how to find the appropriate mix between creativity and function.

Browsable innovations and inventions for sale/license, experts’ profiles, prize based projects, innovation videos, presentation, books, and applications to enable innovation.

On-going research project funded by the European Commission aimed at developing an IT tool and a methodology that combines a TRIZ “technology push” approach with “market driven” approach for systematic innovation.

KnowledgeShift Online Learning Resources
Online training programs on innovation, continuous improvement and Six Sigma.

Mulcahy: Innovation, Services Key to Xerox Future
According to CEO Anne Mulcahy, Xerox counts its four research centers as the secret to its innovative products and services.

PopTech’s Open Forum
The annual conference PopTech brings together more than 500 participants who have established an open forum for sharing renewable innovation.

ProdyoVidhi Consulting
Provides inventors and law firms value in patent protection by drafting patent applications by leveraging its technological and staffing efficiencies.

Technology Leader Of The Year — P&G’s Secret: Innovating Innovation
Is it possible to innovate innovation? P&G’s chief technology officer continues to push innovative ideas, even when most of the ideas don’t make it to market. Making priorities of internal and external collaboration speeds P&G’s position as an innovative leader.

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