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Information Newsletter of the International TRIZ Association

Information Newsletter of the International TRIZ Association

| On 26, Feb 2005

I. Official Information maintain

Attestation and Certification

Issue of certificates to the regional representatives
According to the decision of Presidium of MATRIZ, the grant of certificates entitling the carriage of attestation for MATRIZ regional representatives has been started.
The Methodology Council of MATRIZ decided to give the right of the attestation carriage to the TRIZ Master, collaborator of IMCorp Company (USA) I. Bukhman. The oneyear right is given for the attestation up to the third level within the framework of the seminars of IMCorp Company. The preparation will be conducted in accordance with the educational programs, which are ratified by the Expert Council of MATRIZ.

Certification of TRIZ specialists
The Methodology Council of MATRIZ decided to give the TRIZ specialist certificate to our colleague from South Korea Hongyul Yoon (certificate number 63) and to the TRIZ specialist from St.-Petersburg Oleg Khomyakov (certificate number 64).

Attestation of TRIZ specialists
The first certificates have been delivered in ROO “TRIZ St.-Petersburg”. The head of Regional Attestation Council is A. Kislov (Diploma of the Master of TRIZ number 24):

The attestation in OO “TRIZ Kpasnoyarsk” is continued (the Head of Region Attestation Committee is Yu. Salamatov, Diploma of the Master of TRIZ number 46). The Attestation Committee decided to issue to Yuriy Ryabchenko the third-level certificate number 03/00013/010 and to appropriate him the qualification of TRIZ teacher.
We congratulate our colleagues!

Examination of the instructional programs
In July – August 2004 a committee consisting of: A. Guin (the Chairman), U. Murashkovsky, V. Timokhov, V. Petrov, and G. Severinets examined instructional programs for attestation of TRIZ users, developed by TRIZ Master I. Bukhman and TRIZ specialist D. Todhaner. The committee approved the programs for use.
We congratulate our colleagues!

Changes in Expert Council
The members of Expert Council of MATRIZ A. Guin (the Head), V. Timokhov and U. Murashkovsky resigned. The new Expert Council MATRIZ has been constituted: Alexander Lyubomirskiy (The Head, TRIZ Master), Vladimir Petrov (TRIZ Master), Leonid Kaplan (certified specialist of MATRIZ), Alexey Pinyaev.

TRIZ Master, the member of MATRIZ Presidium A. Kislov was elected as vicepresident of MATRIZ and editor-in-chief of TRIZ-Magazine. The editorial board of TRIZMagazine is forming now.

Regular session on trademark
The regular session on protestation against the providing of protection of “TRIZ” trademark has taken place on November 11, 2004 in Chamber of patent disputes of Federal Agency for intellectual property, patents and trademarks of Russian Federation. On the MATRIZ side, the patent attorney V. Berezina, M. Rubin and M. Gafitulin have taken part in the session. The patent attorney V. Uskov and the representative of “TRIZ Chance” System S. Sychev presented the side of representatives of the copyright heirs to G. Altshuller. The session was adjourned because of absence of good evidence from the side of V. Uskov. The representative of “TRIZ Chance” System S. Sychev occupies the active position in the trademark dispute. S. Sychev and the representatives of MATRIZ have made an arrangement to initiate the process of the variance disposal out of the session. The next session has been appointed at December 8, 2004.

Annual MATRIZ contest
The results of the contest “TRIZ 2004” have been summarized. 150 entries from 13 Russian and Israeli cities were submitted.
Our congratulations to the winners!

Negotiation with TRIZ consultants from Korea
The negotiation with the delegation of Industrial technology institute (South Korea, Seoul) has been conducted in Petrozavodsk. The representatives of the institute are TRIZ director John Khi Kvon and TRIZ manager Jin Kha John.

• The activity of Korea Industrial technology institute includes the investigation of technology market in Seoul, new technologies of goods production.
• The activity of the institute is based on new technology development in textile and chemical industry.
• The mutual exchange of the ability of manufacturing technologies is possible.
The Russian side was presented by the members of Petrozavodsk Administration and the representatives of TRIZ Council in the Republic of Korelia M. Rubin, A. Selyutskiy and

A. Trigub.
The results of negotiation are as follows.
1. The invitation of Korean representatives to the exhibition “Innovations to the European North” (April 25-28, 2005).
2. The proposal to organize the TRIZ seminar by Karelian Regional Management Institute in cooperation with MATRIZ in the framework of the exhibition “Innovations to the European North”.
3. The discussion on the opening of Korean Representation in Petrozavodsk.
The meeting between V. Timokhov (The Head of Belarusian public organization of TRIZ), S. Faer (TRIZ consultant, St.-Petersburg) and the representatives of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Kwon Temg Hwi and Jin Ha Jeong took place in Moscow on October 25.

The issues of cooperation and information exchange in different fields of TRIZ applications in business, marketing, policy and TRIZ pedagogic were discussed. The both sides decided to carry out a series of TRIZ educational seminars in Korea. MATRIZ web-site update.

The great work in design representation and content updating was carried out. Approximately 300 personal pages with TRIZ specialists’ information, news, TRIZ conferences, the materials of contests for scholars and students, the brief TRIZ official information and many others are presented on MATRIZ web-site

We congratulate Nina Petrovna Linkova and Ludmila Petrovna Mungalova on their anniversary.

TRIZ consulting company “Diol” (Novosibirsk) celebrates the tenth anniversary (details on Our congratulations to the colleagues Ludmila Semyonova and Vissarion Sibiryakov.

II. Conferences, seminars
Pedagogical Conference “The problems of progress and teaching of children from infancy to grade school”
In the framework of International exhibition “The Wold of Childhood, 2004”,
Educational and Pedagogical Center “Teaching through playing” conducted Russian
Pedagogical Conference “ The problems of progress and teaching of children from infancy to grade school” on October 20-21, 2004 in Moscow.
The results of IV Russian Contest of Author Programs of Alternative Children

Federal Educational Agency resumed IV Russian Contest of Author Programs of Alternative Children Education.

Viktor Petrov (Chelyabinsk) with the program “The development of creative faculties of scholars” became the Winner. Valentina Fetser (Izhevsk) with program “Technical simulation and designing” was entitled as Diplomant.

TRIZ Day in Cheboksary
TRIZ-Cheboksary session has taken place on October 15, 2004.
The results of the last and current academic years are as follows:
• The enlarged online version of the database of 70 chemical effects in the chemical and ecological patents was prepared and published at
• TRIZ courses are conducted at the electrical and engineering faculties of Chuvashia State University and on the masters department. The students’ developments gained the prizes in the contests conducted by MATRIZ in 2000-2003.
• The head of department of Moscow Transportation Institute R. Khimfetov and the tutor A. Nikitin hold the seminars on the methods of invention task solutions. The student-engineering bureau is organized in the institute.

Session of Moscow public organization TRIZ
The session of Moscow public organization TRIZ took place on October 20.
Conference “Museum as a creative space of culture”
The Ministry of Culture, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus and Belarusian State University of Cultural Problems carried out the International Scientific- Practical Conference “Museum as a creative space of culture” from October 11 to October 14, 2004.

The following problems were discussed on the conference:
?? the theoretical and methodological problems of the creative personality forming in the connection of museum pedagogic;
?? the innovation principles of educational activity of a museum; museum as a place of informal education;
?? new approaches to the forms and methods of the museum work with different category of visitors.

“TRIZ-Festival” in Samsung Electronics
The third yearly “TRIZ-Festival” at Samsung Electronics Company was carried out on October 26, 2004 in Suwon, South Korea.
The organizers of “TRIZ-Festival” are Systems R&D Laboratories, R&D Innovation
Center, VIP Center, GVE Part, TRIZ . Samsung Electronics;
The festival participants and guests:
?? Samsung Electronics Co.LTD.
?? Samsung SDS
?? Samsung SAIT Co.LTD.
?? Samsung SDI Co.LTD.
?? Korea Polytechnic Institute (KPU) Associate Professor Mr. Kyeong Won Lee.

New TRIZ field in Moscow
New Moscow TRIZ field for children, teenagers, students and their parents will start its work on December 4, 2004 on the base of Educational and Pedagogical Center “Teaching through playing”
Author seminars for teachers and parents
November 28, 2004.

N. Kozyreva, the seminar “The methods of creative imagination development” (TRIZ elements) for children at the age of 4-7 (one day duration).
January 30, 2005.

N. Klyuch, “Creative imagination development” for development of stability to stresses and the personality growth (one day duration).

The Creative Laboratory “We invent the games” for children over 6 years, teenagers and students (the groups are formed accordingly to the age principle), The seminars are kept by inventor-psychologist N. Kozyreva and teacher N. Klyuch in the partnership with well-known inventors, games and toys.
Web-site:, e-mail:
International Conference ETRIA «TRIZ Future 2004»

The Forth International Conference ETRIA “TRIZ Future 2004” took place in Florence, Italy on November 3-5, 2004. The conference was devoted to the integration of TRIZ with other methods and the spread of innovation technologies through the small and middle business enterprises. The major conference organizer is European TRIZ Association.
More details can be found in

III. New books, web-sites, dispatches
Book on TRIZ «Processing of Technical and Patent Information by Using Evolution Trees»
At the annual conference Knowledge Creation Symposium held in Japan in
September, there took place presentation of the electronic book “Processing of Technical and
Patent Information by Using Evolution Trees”. A poster presenting the display evolution tree accompanies the book written on a laser disk:

The electronic book was created within the framework of cooperation between the Euro-Asian Patent Agency (EPAG, Minsk) and Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI System, Tokyo). The author of the book is Nikolay Shpakovksy; the adviser on patent issues is Sergey Vinogradov, patent agent; the book design and illustrations are by Elena Novitskaya.
The work with patent information aimed at bypassing of competing patents and creating of a reliable protection for the company’s own developments is of great importance.
Close attention to this work may benefit considerably the company while underestimation of this work may result in serious losses.

How could existing patent information processing methods be improved?
First of all, by improving the quality of the collected information analysis. The information analysis will be effective enough if information is properly classified, that is, if a full and logic information structure is built.

The following problem emerges. The patent search results in a number of transformations of the same technical system, that is, of the system that performs the same function. Such information is not easy to classify because of impossibility to use the principle classification criterion – the function of the technical system. Therefore, structurization of the patent search results often has a subjective character, which reduces the analysis effectiveness.

The peculiar feature of the proposed approach is the use of the Evolution Tree – a set of technical system evolution lines – for structuring of the information collected during the patent search. This allows speaking about the classification criterion objectiveness, because evolution lines are the consequence of objective laws of technical system evolution that are widely employed in TRIZ. Using the evolution tree makes it possible to get advantages at all patent and technical information processing stages. In addition, the Evolution Tree has value in itself and may be used for strategic planning and forecasting the evolution of a system under analysis.

The evolution tree of a real technical system – a display, illustrates the theory. The tree traces the display evolution from a stationary image produced on a surface through cinematography, television based on mechanical scanning and CRT, flat display and further on to the micro level, an ideal display capable of translating an image directly into the human brain.

The book is published only in Japanese. The team is planning to publish it in other languages, too, first of all in Russian and English.
Contact address:
TRIZ educational book
TRIZ educational book “Creative psychology: creative imagination development in
TRIZ methods” is published in Russian. The authors are M. Zinovkina, R. Gareev,
S. Andreev.

Book “TRIZ course for armourers”
The aim of the book “TRIZ course for armourers” (in Russian) of Alexander Ochnev is illustration and confirmation of TRIZ in application to the design of rifles and guns The
PDF version of the book can be found on

IV. Research
Research Work of Julius Murashkovsky
The full version of the work of Julius Murashkovsky is available for downloading from
Editor – V. Timokhov, the member of the Presidium and the vice-president of MATRIZ,
Translation into English– Vlad Semyonov.
Editor of English version – Mark Barkan.
Publishing of the bulletin is supported by the Society with Limited Liability «Izlabs» and by the project «
We thank all our colleagues for the information you sent to us.
Also we ask you to participate in the publication of the Bulletin. Please, send all pertaining information and news, as well as your ideas on the development of the Bulletin and MATRIZ web-site. We look forward for your support and help. The next, regularly scheduled, release of the Bulletin will be on January 15, 2005.

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