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I Have an Invention, but What to Do Next?

I Have an Invention, but What to Do Next?

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1292
Posted by: jinshi
Posted on: Thursday, 17th April 2008

Hello everyone

I am a new inventor and I have an invention ,it`s a new device for building fire escape , and now I am very puzzled because I don`t know what to do next .Though I work hard to try to promote it ,but so far it still seems hopeless .

Is an invention really a nightmare for one poor inventor? Are all inventions always “fool`gold” for inventors ?

What shall I do ?

Message: 1293
Posted by: A Jangbrand
Posted on: Monday, 21st April 2008

Well, obviously more information would have been helpful. But, here are some things I would consider doing:

– Browse through patents databases to find out the “innovation height” of the invention

– Contact a Patent Engineer or Bureau to get some help and assistance and most of all – ADVICE

– If you have consultants companies nearby helping new companies and start-ups – check with them on how to proceed. Marketing, production etc

– Consider who else would be interested in developing, selling, manufacturing your invention. Contact them and see if you can get some interest. (Share carefully… make sure you have the legal arrangements setup to protect whatever should be protected…)

– In some countries government and/or authorities have start-up services that might be able to help out. With advice – but also helping you out finding funding for  developing the company or product.

– Contact a university, marketing school or…. They might have start-up services. And maybe then can help you out to see “marketing potential”.

– Local bank. Have you contacted a bank to see if they are interested in investing in the product?

– Investors. Can you find any Investors and share your idea with? They might have ideas on how to proceed. And if they think your invention is something to put money in.

There are many things you can do. But it also depends on how much effort and money you are willing and able to spend…  And I have no idea what you tried already.

Good luck! Hope you find some ways to move forward.

Message: 1297
Posted by: Ryan
Posted on: Tuesday, 22nd April 2008

Hi Jinshi,

You’d really need to give a bit more information about where you are in the inventing process. Have you just had the initial idea, do you have a prototype etc. From there we might be able to give you a bit more focused information.


Look forward to your reply