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How Many New Functions (triz Sense)

How Many New Functions (triz Sense)

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1540
Posted by: Navneet Bhushan
Posted on: Sunday, 18th January 2009

I am trying to answer this question and am not very sure of the question itself. The question, ” How many new functions mankind has discovered in the TRIZ sense of a function in last 100 years – say 1900 till now?” For example, we did not fly (physical sense) – although flights of mind have always been there :). Similarly we had not been to moon. We could not see inside our body – but seeing as a function was being performed. Is there some sort of work or pointers that can list down whether for example, representing data, information and knowledge that we do now is a function? Your answers and comments will be enlightening for my pursuits. Thanks in advance

Message: 1579
Posted by: TR
Posted on: Tuesday, 10th March 2009

I'm not sure I can answer your question specifically . . . but I am actually trying to expand our TRIZ knowledge via a Wiki Knowledge-base.  Please visit this free resource and maybe it can be of help to you.