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Green evaluation of innovative products

Green evaluation of innovative products

| On 29, Aug 2019

“ENVN” for Early green evaluation of innovative products from sustainability angle, using augmented system operator

Joseph Karlose Theckeveetil
Star Academy, #12 Erappa Complex, Banaswadi Main Road, Bangalore 560033, KA, India
Email id: no 0091 9880308433

A spread sheet based method, “ENVN”, for evaluating break-through products from view point of sustainability, is explained in this paper. Sometimes new products are declared break-through from business angle. But later in product life cycle, it may reveal its wrong impact on environment, after investing money and effort. ENVN – stands for environment – helps in identifying the green draw backs at early stage of product development life cycle. ENVN makes use of probing questions, selected for domains. Questions like –“what if the new product is used by everyone on earth?” are used. Past, present and future products are subjected to selected set of questions. Results of evaluation are Viz. Red for damaging to environment, Green for good for environment, and Yellow for neutral or “cannot say”. Evaluation is done by inventing team, witnessing team, as well as evaluating team.ENVN ismeant for applying after achieving GO from commercial angle for a new product, including services. After applying ENVN, if the results are predominantly RED, products will need redesigning, postponement for next opportunity window, or to be dropped altogether for the sake of environment and future generation. ENVN can also be applied against existing products or services, when environment scientists are raising issues on them. Application of ENVN enhances the Corporate Social Responsibility.

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