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Does Innovation Require Commercialism?

Does Innovation Require Commercialism?

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 162
Posted by: Rocky
Posted on: Wednesday, 17th January 2007

This is a side topic in another thread but I thought I would start its own.

If we're saying that innovation requires a commercial aspect – something being sold – then what about something like Google Maps? I don't pay to use that, but isn't it pretty innovative what they came up with when they launched the aspect with the satellite views? Is that an invention only then?

Opinions welcome!

Message: 164
Posted by: Mike Carnell
Posted on: Wednesday, 17th January 2007


As I haver stated earlier I am not an expert in this area. Just applying the definitions that the experts agree on (that is not sarcasim) then the maps would be an invention. The thing you may wnt to consider is that you pay for nothing on Google so the maps are not necessarily a special case. The Google package is sold to advertisers and they do pay. Was there a $ bump with the advent of the maps maybe that makes it commercialized? I do like to play with the feature but does it make me access Google more? Not me?

Just my opinion.