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Does Innovation Come First or Last?

Does Innovation Come First or Last?

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1144
Posted by: NewBB
Posted on: Monday, 5th November 2007

There's a lot of talk about innovation and six sigma…Should innovation come first?  Then six sigma?  Or should you start to innovate after getting all processes under control?  Thanks very kindly for your opintions.

Message: 1146
Posted by: QualityColorado
Posted on: Tuesday, 6th November 2007

New BB, Good morning!

It may seem like a “chicken-and-egg” situation, but it really is not — innovation and Six Sigma work hand-in-hand, at the same time.

I highly recommend the “Creativity Tools Memory Jogger” from GOAL/QPC — it is very inexpensive, and has a good discussion about putting creativity tools into an organization improvement context.

Best regards,


Message: 1155
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Wednesday, 14th November 2007

There is an excellent essay on the “innovation and Six Sigma:  first or last” question in the new issue of the Air Academy Associates newsletter

Mark K says everything I was going to say!   The answer is that innovation is used many different ways throughout all phases of Six Sigma.

Do you have a specific question about a Six Sigma method or process, and what kind of innovation to use?