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Corrected Links-- Open Courseware-innovation

Corrected Links– Open Courseware-innovation

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1087
Posted by: QualityColorado
Posted on: Sunday, 26th August 2007

Sorry, problem with the original links — here are the correct links:

1. Managing the Innovation Process, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2. Creativity (including the use of “mind maps”), also from MIT

Message: 1089
Posted by: Kelly
Posted on: Monday, 3rd September 2007


Have you taken these courses before? Can you speak to them from personal experience?

Thank you.

Message: 1092
Posted by: QualityColorado
Posted on: Monday, 3rd September 2007


Thanks for your note. I did not take the original courses at MIT, but have “taken” the open courseware and worked through material. MIT's contributions to the open courseware revolution are at the front of the class!

The brainstorming and mind map material is quite useful — I have integrated into sessions I lead.

The “Six Hats” material is interesting also, though there are blocks in using it directly (usually from the DeBono organization).

The material in the Managing Innovation course is also material I have used with Managers — good considerations for managing — though, not much about innovation / creativity tools in the course.

Best regards,QualityColorado