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Certification in TRIZ

Certification in TRIZ

| On 01, Jan 2010

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Posted by: Mark
Posted on: Tuesday, 13th November 2007

Based in the UK, I am exploring the opportunity for my team to be trained in the use of TRIZ. Exploring the internet has helped me identify a plethora of consultants that can offer both training and facilitation of workshops, now I just need to choose the most appropriate one. We are undergoing trials but do not have the resources to test all our new contacts.

Does anyone know of a process by which these consultants are monitored or sponsored/certified, so that I can identify those offering 'better quality' training?

Is there any international standard by which TRIZ is controlled?

Message: 1152
Posted by: Lynda
Posted on: Tuesday, 13th November 2007

I think you have asked excellent wishful thinking questions. (I am not a TRIZ consultant.)

Better quality training: you need to define what that means for your team.

Other factors to consider: What are your budget constraints, if any? For example, are you willing to pay for international travel if that would secure the TRIZ consultant you want to work with?

Materials provided: how helpful are they, easy to use for reference, production quality?

How long have they been practising TRIZ? Do they train other TRIZ consultants? Are they highly regarded by their peers which are often their competitors as well? How do they give back to the TRIZ community? Have they written case studies? If so, read them. This will tell you a lot about quality. These are all good barometers of measuring excellence from a knowledge base view.

How much of a consultant's work is with TRIZ can be a useful piece of information as it uncovers dedication to the tool. Perhaps passion as well.

Relationship: it really is all about relationships. Who do you think you would enjoy working with that could provide you with what you need? Why work with a consultant that you really don't like very much?

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Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Wednesday, 14th November 2007

Lynda gave you excellent guidelines for selecting consultants.  I have 2 colleagues in the UK who are both excellent instructors, who both contribute to the community, and who have very different styles.  They can put you in touch with their clients for recommentations.   Please contact me off-line and I'll be glad to give you details.  (We aren't supposed to name names of products or services here.)  Click on the PQR Group ad and send me an e-mail.

There is no global certification or standardization–MATRIZ, based in St. Petersburg, has a 4-level scale for training, but very few non-Russian consultants have used that system.   The European TRIZ Association just decided at its meeting last week to stop participating in attempts to define a standard.  The Altshuller Institute (US TRIZ society) has been discussing standards for 5 years…

Hope this helps.

Message: 1156
Posted by: Sergei Ikovenko
Posted on: Monday, 19th November 2007


As of today there are eight Level 4 certified Specialists Specialists at Samsug (non-Russian), there are Level 4 Certified Specialists in Italy, France, Germany and other Europen countries – 8 all in all (non-Russians), there ate 45 Certifed Specialists at Intel woldwied (non-Russians) amd another 46 Certified Specialists of Level 3 in Japan, Korea, Europe and the USA (non-Russians).

Majority of Level 4 and Level 3 people are TRIZ trainers in their companies. For example, the internal MATRIZ certified trainers at Intel  educated about 1000 people during 2 years (information presented at ETRIA)

When hiring TRIZ specialists Samsung and other leading companies require MATRIZ certification. The MATRIZ certification programs are deployed at Fuel Cell Energy, Siemens and Alcoa.

Message: 1160
Posted by: Mark Barkan
Posted on: Thursday, 22nd November 2007

MA TRIZ, the International TRIZ Association, established a well developed, 5-step certification program. This program, along with educational requirements, is utilized on all 5 continents by various companies and individuals. SAMSUNG, INTEL, SIMENS, to name a few. The need for a benchmark is there. Quite a few companies require a level of MA TRIZ certification as a prerequisite for hiring. Mark Barkan, President MA TRIZ

Message: 1161
Posted by: Gaetano Cascini
Posted on: Thursday, 22nd November 2007

Just some more details about the sentence “The European TRIZ Association just decided at its meeting last week to stop participating in attempts to define a standard.”

ETRIA has never promoted any certification activity for several reasons that would require a more detailed discussion. Nevertheless, During the TRIZ Future Conference 2005 (in Graz), we found an agreement with the other International TRIZ Associations (namely MA TRIZ and AI) about the opportunity to develop a joined activity aimed at the definition of the Body of Knowledge of Classical TRIZ.

Indeed during 2006-2007 a relevant work has been done by the working groups of each association and the material developed so far, from my personal point of view, certainly represents a good starting point.

Nevertheless, a common agreement on what should considered “Classical TRIZ” and even more on the Reference Material defining its contents is still missing.

Let me add (here I'm talking as Gaetano Cascini and not as ETRIA President) that the TRIZ Masters granted by Altshuller are those who are supposed to have the proper knowledge means to define the TRIZ BoK, but at the same time bringing them to a common position is an extremely tough goal.

Due to the disagreements I have received regarding what has been done by some of them, I proposed during the members meeting at the end of ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference (Frankfurt 6-8 november) to check again the position of ETRIA members regarding this point, since wasting time if very far from ideality!!!

Moreover, some major changes will occur in ETRIA in the next future. This is why all ETRIA members (even those who couldn't participate to the meeting in Frankfurt)  and TFC participants will receive a letter with a few questions about a number of modifications in ETRIA structure and activities (TRIZ BoK included).

It means that no final decisions have still been taken. I can say that for sure ETRIA will dedicate its efforts to the dissemination of what Altshuller pointed as “References for TRIZ Courses” (GSA, Jan 01.1988). The members survey will clarify also how to behave about the trans-association BoK working group.