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Can Johnny Innovate?

Can Johnny Innovate?

| On 07, Nov 2007

James Todhunter

Innovation consultant and occasional blogger Jim Belfiore is teasing us with “Why Johnny Can’t Innovate – Introductory Article.”  In this post, Jim promises to deliver us some interesting insights into the challenges that keep engineers and designers from become successful practitioners of repeatable innovation methods.

Six key factors are introduced:

  • lack of incentive

  • lack of time

  • lack of domain knowledge

  • lack of innovation skills experience

  • lack of simple access to critical information

  • lack of vision (i.e. not looking beyond the immediate need)

These are certainly some interesting problems to consider.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for five years now, and we regularly talk about what we are seeing in the landscape of commercial innovation practice.  So, it is with that understanding of Jim’s experience that I am expecting his series to be very interesting, and I am waiting for the first installment.

Of course, thinking about these issues makes me want to ask all of you a question.  What do you see as the greatest innovation challenge that you see on a regular basis?  Let’s hear it.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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