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Call for Papers-TRIZ Case Study Book

Call for Papers-TRIZ Case Study Book

| On 30, Nov 2006

Call for papers sponsored by:
Independent International Editors Consortium:
Marco Aurelio de Carvalho, (Brasil), Ellen Domb (USA), Valeri Souchkov (The Netherlands), Hongyul
Yoon (Korea) and Iouri Belski (Australia).

In order to enhance understanding and learning of the TRIZ methodology and share experiences with TRIZ applications among TRIZ practitioners, our group of international independent authors propose to publish a collection of real TRIZ cases from different authors in form of a book titled TRIZ Case Studies which will be available for free in electronic form. The primary goal of the book will be to demonstrate how TRIZ helps solving problems or further evolve selected systems or services across diverse application areas.

We invite all categories of authors to submit their papers: from academia, industry, and consulting services. We also invite re-prints of previously published papers (edited if necessary) unless there is no violation of copyrights and publisher rights. The copyrights to the articles will remain with the authors.

Structure of the book
The book will be divided to three sections:
1. Case studies from Technology and Industry
2. Case studies from Business and Management
3. Case studies from other areas where TRIZ was successfully applied.

Papers guidelines
Each paper should contain the following:
1. Introduction: A brief description of the topic to be discussed in the paper.
2. A problem (or a situation) definition, stated clearly to be understood by a broad audience possessing technical or business background.
3. Problem solving process in detail: what TRIZ tools were used and how; including a process of
transforming a problem to a solution; or how your system was evolved with TRIZ prediction tools.
4. Resulting idea (solution).
5. How the solution was implemented and indicators of its success (economic results, technical or social
impact, etc. – if any).
6. Author’s conclusions.
7. References.

Cases presentation
Each case should be presented in such a way that a broad audience of readers could be able to understand what problem was solved, how TRIZ was applied and what was a final solution. Graphic illustrations (drawings, photos) and references to online presentations are very welcome.

An abstract of a paper should not exceed 2 pages of A4 size, and provide the title of the paper, author(s) name, contact data, and describe in as much detail as possible, the content, methods, tools and techniques, results noted to date, lessons learned, etc.

Size and format of papers
Final papers should be limited to 15 A4-sized pages including figures. The papers should be submitted in Microsoft Wordâ„¢ DOC, or RTF format and preferably accompanied by a PDF file. More detailed paper guidelines will be sent to authors upon provisional acceptance of their papers.

• Call for papers: 1st October 2006
• Deadline for submissions of abstracts for papers: 1st February 2007
• Selection and commissioning of papers: 1st March 2007
• Deadline for submissions of papers: 30th May 2007
• Publication of the book: August 2007

You can send your questions or intentions to write a paper, or finished abstracts to