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Cae Application Example of TRIZ

Cae Application Example of TRIZ

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1820
Posted by: Yuihiro Takai
Posted on: Sunday, 30th May 2010

Hello All TRIZ Experts

I am a TRIZ beginner. I began with April of this year.

Thanking you in advance.

Please teach the application example in the field of CAE(Computer Aided Engineering) in TRIZ.

Yuichiro Takai in Tokyo Japan

Message: 1829
Posted by: Yuichiro Takai
Posted on: Monday, 7th June 2010

[Conscription] Please tell me examples of CAE in the field.

Message: 1832
Posted by: Tushar
Posted on: Wednesday, 16th June 2010


One of the Contradiction we come across in CAE is

Accuracy Vs Efficiency

Example: As we tend to bring finer and finer details (Accuracy increases) in CAD model,it becomes more and more complex for meshing (and soln time also increases. (Efficiency reduces)

Few TRIZ solns are given below

– Use Scripts (Macros) for auto cad cleanup

– Use Advanced meshing techniques

– Use Gridless algorithm

– Use simplified model with correction factors for accuracy

– Combine 3D and 1D tools

– Work on scaled-down models

– Use economic mesh with rich solver settings

– Use advance computation methods like Lattice method.

— And Many more. Hope it helps.

Message: 1844
Posted by: Nikolai Khomenko
Posted on: Tuesday, 22nd June 2010


One more point about CAE and OTSM-TRIZ.

Not so many people now remember that Invention machine corporation started in Minsk, Belarus in 1988 as Invention Machine Research Lab. and the main goal at that time was creting software  for support Human thinking process for engineering as well. First prototype was done before, in 1986. The key idea of this support system was that Computer should activate in Human His or Her creative skills and direct the person to go trough a TRIZ based problem solving process with appropriate level of details of the process. We have obtain a great experience and develop set of rules about this. Since then it is already 24 years has passed and we have now  even more powerful domain free tools that were created in the course of transition from TRIZ to OTSM proposed by Genrich Altshuller in the middle of 1970s. OTSM based tools allowed us develop large spectrum of CAE products based on OTSM and TRIZ.  If you or someone else are interesting in this point you can contact me by NIKOLAI (dot) KHOMENKO (at) GMAIL (dot) com. 

We can do a lot now in the domain of Computer Aided Human Thinking process  as well as for CAE as soon as we can consider Engineering as a  kind of Human Thinking Process.  We can start from most simple tools and OTSM algorithms and then arrange them into whole system.  OTSM language based on ENV model allowed use it for Knowledge management  as well but OTSM-TRIZ based KM software can allowed Knowledge processing instead of knowledge storage only.