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Book Review: Business Matrix 3.0

Book Review: Business Matrix 3.0

| On 22, Apr 2018

Business Matrix 3.0 by Darrell Mann

Years of ‘continuous improvement’ activity have pushed nearly every enterprise to the end of a dead-end road of ever increasing effort producing ever-diminishing returns.

When we find ourselves in these situations, we have only two choices : to accept we’ll spend the rest of our days spinning wheels and getting nowhere; or to identify and solve the conflicts and contradictions that sit at the roots of those diminishing returns.

Business Matrix 3.0 is the latest distillation of the hundreds of thousands of innovative individuals, teams and leaders that have successfully identified and then resolved contradictions like yours. Whatever your problem might be, the last twenty years of our research reveals, someone out there has found a breakthrough solution. The Business Matrix 3.0 book is the only place you’ll find reliable, repeatable access to these solutions: a means to allow you to stop spinning your wheels and start delivering meaningful, sustainable breakthrough solutions.

The latest edition of the book also features the ‘COBRA+’ process: a low-effort, high impact means of guaranteeing success on any difficult and/or complex challenge in management of people, or processes.

The book is available from Systematic Innovation Store

First Edition, 2018, ISBN 978-1-912670-00-0
Softback, 214 pages, includes a copy of the Business Matrix Fold-out Grid