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ASIT Technique For A Week, Issue 136

ASIT Technique For A Week, Issue 136

| On 06, Oct 2003

By: Roni Horowitz

To: “Ellen Domb”, ellendomb
From: “Roni Horowitz”,
Date: 8/20/2003, 9:12 PM
Re: ASIT technique for a week, Issue 136
ASIT Technique for a week, Issue 136
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Hello Everybody,
Let’s begin with the solution of last week’s puzzle.
New subscribers? Forgot to read last issue?
Here’s the puzzle again:
In his last will and testament, an elderly mathematician leaves his three sons a proportion of his 17 camels. His eldest son gets one half of the camels, his next eldest gets one third, and the youngest son gets one ninth of the camels.
What should the sons do? Half camels are no good to anyone.
The solution is a perfect ASIT Multiplication idea.
Multiplication means solving a problem by adding a new object of the same type as an existing one.
This particular problem deals with camels, so let’s see what happens if we add a camel.
Suppose the brothers borrow or buy another camel. They would then have 18 camels.
The eldest son would now get half of the camels (nine camels), the next eldest son would get his share

of one third of the camels (6 camels), and the younger son would get one ninth of the camels (2 camels).
Let’s add that up: 9+6+2 = 17 camels.
They could then return or sell the camel they borrowed or bought…
The Multiplication tool can be used very effectively in “real life” too!
Here’s an interesting ASIT case study I got from one of our readers, Brendan McCarron.
It’s a story that appeared in the General Medical Journal website.
An interesting proposal for treating heroin addicts:
Supervised prescription of a combination of methadone plus heroin is feasible, safe, and effective in reducing the many physical, mental, and social problems of heroin addicts, according to Dutch researchers in this week’s BMJ.
The Multiplication tool comes into play here because heroin is used to treat heroin addicts.
In much the same way that a new camel is used to solve the camel puzzle.
That’s ASIT logic!
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See you all next week,