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Application TRIZ in Advertising

Application TRIZ in Advertising

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1646
Posted by: mehdi
Posted on: Wednesday, 19th August 2009

Hi to all .

I am looking for application triz in advertising and some example ?

Is there any one to know about it ?


Message: 1647
Posted by: Mahmoud Karimi
Posted on: Thursday, 20th August 2009

Hi Mehdi,

Which kind of application you are looking for?

There are many successfull applicatin which could be discussed from the view point of TRIZ.

We are working on applying some of TRIZ tools to teaser production in the recent days. what we acheived by now is increasing the amount of new ideas and the quality of them.

if you narrow down your question and say what clearly you are looking for, I hope you gain more results.

Message: 1648
Posted by: Gregory Frenklach
Posted on: Thursday, 20th August 2009

See here:

It is Russian site. Google translation is below:

Message: 1649
Posted by: Mark
Posted on: Thursday, 20th August 2009

Check out the book “Da Vinci and the 40 Answers” by Mark Fox.  It provides a lot of examples of applying the 40 Inventive Principles to marketing related problems.

Message: 1746
Posted by: Nikolai Khomenko
Posted on: Saturday, 9th January 2010

The best sources on best practice on it and theoretical background of the practice are two books:

First one written by Igor Vikentiev after several years of research and practical application. it was republished already 6 times since if first printing in the beginning of 1990-s. IN English I would say name of the book appear as Principles of Advertising and Public Relations. Very professional books. last editions based already on many dozens of training may be even several hundreds.

second book is about Political and other elections campaign. it written the same way as first one and reflect large practical applications by the authors and his followers – Sergey Faer. name in English can appear as Principles of political battles.

both written in Russian. Sorry this is official TRIZ language still not so many original text still available in English that is why people have to reinvent wheel and  bicycle.

Both books are good examples of the result of Application TRIZ not only as a toolbox but also as a Theory about creating tools for problem solving. Authors take into account third postulate of Classical TRIZ and show what is difference between Technical and advertising problems. Igor Vikentiev in his book did it very well.

Message: 1747
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Saturday, 9th January 2010 This is an article by Klementyev and Faer about the use of TRIZ in political campaigns, including advertising.

Message: 1775
Posted by: mansour asadi
Posted on: Friday, 12th March 2010

Hi,I am interested to apply TRIZ in banking advertising.My bank is parsian bank of IRAN.

Message: 1776
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Monday, 15th March 2010

I'm sure that lots of TRIZ consultants will respond to your posting, offering to help you with your application of TRIZ to advertising in banking.  But, this discussion forum is non-commercial, so the best way to get help is to tell us what aspect of bank advertising has “inventive” problems, so that readers can make suggestion about applications of TRIZ.   For example, an early story from Faer's work was about political advertising.  There was a physical contradiction:

I want to advertise (to get known, to attract votes)

I don't want to advertise (because it costs money which I don't have)

The solution was to use existing resources (media news) and to do things that would publicize the politician's name through news stories, not paid advertising.

I'm sure our fellow readers will make contributions (as well as the offers of consulting work) if you give us some details about your problems.


Message: 1778
Posted by: Nikolai Khomenko
Posted on: Wednesday, 17th March 2010


Absolutely agree with Ellen.

Before apply TRIZ for new domain it is a good idea to apply. Third postulate of Classical TRIZ – postulate of a specific situation. We must identify specific situation of the domain: what are resources  that systems of the domain build of? What are Objective laws and other objective factors that drive the domain system evolution? What is your desire that you would like to fulfill in the given context? What are the barriers that prevent you from fulfilling your desire?


This is three main component of the OTSM-TRIZ “Tongs” model. This TRIZ instrument can be used in many ways. It is simple to learn. Easy to apply. Multi-functioning. And the key point it is allowed you to make the first step to learn entire toolbox of Classical TRIZ and OTSM Including Altshuller's ARIZ and OTSM Problem Flow Networks (PFN) approach.


Another domain free tool for developing a big picture (map) of the giving problematic situation is the OTSM Network of problems/solutions. It allowed you gathering together and represent all important information relevant to the situation. Develop the system of goals to be achieved, which is extremely important to formulate correct contradictions for the right problems. Then you can use this network as a tool to navigate your problem solving process. OTSM Network of problems is also a multifunction instrument during a problem solving process: Pose the right problems, navigate through the problem solving process and evaluate results of our work.


Once again, OTSM TRIZ Tongs Model and OTSM Network of Problems are both domains free tools for dealing with non typical problems of various  complexity levels. These tools can be used in many domains including advertising. To learn more about Advertising system it is a good idea  to read book of Igor Vikentiev – Principles of Advertising and Public Relations. In the beginning, he analyzed important psychological aspects of advertising – objective laws and factors that underlining the domain of advertising.