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Altshuller Institute Formed

Altshuller Institute Formed

| On 12, Jul 1998

Ellen Domb, Ph.D.
The TRIZ Institute, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA
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©1998, Ellen Domb

Twenty-one people attended the meeting June 13, 1998, in Novi, MI, USA to form the Altshuller Institute. Lev Shulyak, who had served as the chairman of the organizing committee conveyed greetings from Mr. Altshuller and his wishes for the success of the new organization.

The following were elected:

President: Lev Shulyak
Vice President: Larry Smith
Secretary: John Terninko
Treasurer: Zinovy Royzen

There was general agreement that the new organization will provide an “open place” for TRIZ, for discussion of where it will go, how it will develop, how best to use what is here. “Open place” was discussed, and the assembly agreed that it would be a safe environment, where people with different views of the practice of TRIZ and different technologies, and different experiences could learn together, without criticism, and without seeking commercial advantage. The Altshuller Institute will specifically seek to cultivate Mr. Altshuller’s philosophy of sharing knowledge and helping others learn. The officers, and the committees that they will form, will turn these general sentiments into a mission statement and organizational by-laws in the coming months.

The Altshuller Institute tentatively scheduled a conference in Detroit, MI, USA, in March, 1999. This will combine a technical conference with a membership meeting. The TRIZ Institute is donating publicity for this conference, and other supporters are asked to help publicize the conference by use of their web sites, mailing lists, etc.

To be added to the mailing list for the Altshuller Institute, e-mail your information to Lev Shulyak at