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About Commentator: Prakasan Kappoth

About Commentator: Prakasan Kappoth

| On 01, Oct 2008

Prakasan Kappoth

Prakasan Kappoth (Prakash) is a Senior Manager working as a Systematic innovation facilitator and innovation consultant at MindTree Ltd., Bangalore, India; a mid-sized IT Service Company delivering techno-business solutions to clients across the globe. He helps MindTree’s internal and external customers with identifying and solving technical and non-technical problems using structured innovation techniques (specializing in TRIZ).

In his capacity he is also working toward his Ideal Final Result (IFR) of “not doing his job – or others doing his job” by implementing continuous learning platforms for structured innovation and effective thinking focusing on engineers and leadership team. He recently started working with educational institutions (engineering and business) providing them hands-on systematic innovation workshops and frequent lectures to inculcate creative thinking for the future workforce (more ideal solution).

He has been in the IT industry for over 12 years; He has worked in a variety of technical domains including network management, industrial automation, image processing, consumer and embedded appliances, automotive and storage. He is an active student recently completed his MBA besides Dip in IT, Textile and Fashion Technology, and is now enrolled in a psychology course. 

Prakash also represents ETRIA (European TRIZ Association) in India as a global coordinator, Member, Altshuller Institute of TRIZ Studies, and founded the TRIZ India Forum, a not-for-profit platform bringing together TRIZ enthusiasts from India.