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40 Inventive Principles and Biological Models

40 Inventive Principles and Biological Models

| On 20, Sep 2004

By: Ali Reza Mansoorian, Fatemeh Heidaryan Naini

Ali Reza Mansoorian Email
Department of Creativity and Innovation , Faculty of ICT, Malek Ashtar

Fatemeh Heidaryan Naini Email
Research Center for Creatology , Innovation & TRIZ

The Father of TRIZ Science , Genrich Altshuller , by analysis of engineering and utility patents in the former USSR , discovered forty patterns of Inventive Solutions that are known as the 40 Inventive Principles . As such, the 40 Principles of TRIZ were constructed to tackle engineering problems. Much work has been done attempting to extend the use of the principles into non-engineering situations, such as agriculture, business, management, marketing, social relations, and biology. On the other hand, there are many parallels between engineering (technical) and nature. The way in which natural systems operate and evolve has much to teach us about the design and operation of engineering systems. The successful transfer of ideas between the two fields demands the application of abstraction and analogy that could inspire the biological model for improvement of Inventive Principles of TRIZ. However there has been less work in TRIZ integrated with biology. This paper introduced biological models of the 40 principles of TRIZ.





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