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39 Parameters in Information Technology

39 Parameters in Information Technology

| On 30, Mar 2011

Vladimir Petrov is asking for help from our readers for a new project.His TRIZ Journal articles have been very helpful to many people learning TRIZ, so it is a great privilege to use this column to help him get feedback from readers to advance his research.

He said, “I continue to adapt tools and concepts of TRIZ for IT. Now I am trying to adapt the inventive principles and matrix.”

Petrov sent the following questions to ask for opinions from the TRIZJournal readers:
1. Please would you think what parameters out of Alt shuller’s 39 parameters cannot be used in IT engineering systems?
2. With what parameters they can be substituted and what parameters should be added or removed?
Please post your answers in theComments section at the end of this commentary, or send them directly to Vladimir vladpetr (at) net (I’ll post my comments later this week, so that they don’t bias other people’s answers.) Thanks in advance for your help.